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About us


We are an ad agency specializing in Facebook advertising. To expand our business, we rent Facebook advert accounts. We do not use your personal account, it won’t be affected and you can continue using it. Cooperation will allow you to earn up to $50 per month on your account. Payments are made every week.

Frequently asked questions:

Who are we?
We're internet marketers using Facebook accounts to customize ads.
Will you have access to my personal account?
We strictly use your Facebook ad account. We do not log into your personal account.
Why your business needs It
Facebook requires accounts to be at least 2 years old and have real activity. Due to the optimization of production, we cannot wait more than 2 years. Therefore, we are ready to pay monthly rent for your accounts.
Are you violating the rules?
Everything is done within the Facebook guidelines. We do not buy your account, selling an account is against the social network's policy. We only rent it.
To be sure of your account safety know that:
  1. Your Facebook account will not be banned
  2. None of your Facebook friends will know that you are running any ads
  3. We will strictly use only your advertising account

How much will you earn?

You will earn from $18 with your Facebook account. You can also receive $5 for each friend you invite. Payments are made to WebMoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI or to your phone number.

how much

How does it work?

  • tap

    We'll ask you a few simple questions regarding your Facebook account. Things like "How old is your account?", "How many friends do you have on your Facebook account?" etc.

    Don't worry, it will take a couple of minutes.

  • tap
    We'll set up ads.

    If your Facebook account meets all of our criteria, the next step is to set up ads. We take care of this.

    You will give us access to TeamViewer (http://teamviewer.com) for 5 minutes - so we can set up advertisements without need to have your Facebook password.

  • tap
    You will be paid

    As soon as the first ads are placed, approved and get traffic.

    Notice, you will receive 5$ for each friend you invited.

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